Velvet Matte Nude Deep Tan Lipstick, Brand Nude, Vegan, Paraben-Free, Cruelty-Free – Mented Cosmetics

Price: $18.00
(as of Jul 29,2020 22:06:50 UTC – Details)

VELVET MATTE FINISH – Unlike typical mattes that tend to dry on your lips, Brand Nude has a velvet matte finish that is lightweight and non-drying. The lipstick is easy to apply and glides right on. It helps preserve the natural state of your lips. It also hydrates and conditions the lips for that irresistible pout.
MADE FROM SAFE INGREDIENTS – The products you apply on your face have a direct impact on your skin so it’s important to check the ingredients. Our Brand Nude lipstick is vegan, non-toxic, and paraben-free. This means that you are safe from harmful synthetic ingredients and makeup preservatives.
CRUELTY-FREE LIPSTICK – Going cruelty-free is better for you and for the planet. Our lipstick did not undergo animal testing. This is not only good for the animals but also for your overall health. Support an amazing ethical cause by purchasing cruelty-free products like Mented Cosmetics.
UNIVERSALLY FLATTERING – As our lipstick has been tried and tested by women of color, Brand Nude is guaranteed to flatter any complexion of any hue. Whether you’re in a No Makeup Makeup mood or you want your glam eyeshadow to stand out, Brand Nude is the perfect lipstick to complete your look.

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